Reclaimed Wood

Our locally-sourced, genuine reclaimed pine is hand-picked from local reclamation experts here on the south coast. Alongside its innate natural character, each rustic plank is full historical traces from its previous industrial life. Cracks, scuffs, open grain, old nail holes, saw marks, hammer indents and small rust marks are a common characteristic. We embrace all of these "imperfections", showcasing them as an integral part of our Reclaimed Wood Collection. We believe that genuinely unique features such as these play a massive part in the theatre and experience of owning a one-off handmade piece of reclaimed wood furniture.

We understand that reclaimed wood isn't for everybody, so to check that it's right for you please take a closer look at the natural features that make it so unique.

Our Reclaimed Wood Collection

Character Grade Wood

Sourced only from responsibly managed FSC certified forests, our Character Grade wood is 100% solid Scandinavian Spruce.

Our Character Grade Collection offers an alternative finish to our reclaimed wood products and whilst it is still bursting with character and personality, it allows for a flatter, more even and smooth finish due to its pre-sawn nature.

Rustic open-grain, knots and small shakes/cracks in the wood are all common features which give each piece its individuality and charm. To compliment our reclaimed wood finishes we offer an exclusive set of specially developed in-house colours: Sand, Mink, Light Oak.

Our Character Wood Collection