Green with every step...

Here at Still & Bloom we are continuously working to reduce our climate impact. Sustainability is the most important factor of our work - as without a healthy planet, we simply don't exist. Take a look below to see Our Green Approach. Whilst we aren't perfect, it's our pledge to make sure sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

  • 1. Materials

    All of our reclaimed timber is sourced from local reclamation experts across the South Coast. Often coming from an old industrial background, we bring new life to each piece of timber by uncovering the inherent beauty in each and every historical mark and imperfection. It's hugely satisfying in rejuvenating these materials while showcasing the best of its past life!

    Our FSC certified Character Grade wood is renewable and responsibly sourced from managed forests in Scandinavia and Germany.

  • 2. Design and Making

    We design each product to make the most of every piece of timber- to get more out of less. This helps minimise waste, while also ensuring that we don’t miss out on any characterful imperfections of the wood. If there are any timber offcuts, we offer them to our local community rather than dispose of them. The offcuts make great firewood and the sawdust goes to farms and stables to keep our furry friends happy too.

  • 3. Zero Carbon Delivery

    Unfortunately there are unavoidable carbon emissions with every hand-delivered product, however here at Still and Bloom, we offset the omissions created by donating a small percentage of each order. Not only are the carbon emissions offset from your order, but by ordering with us you are helping us to support revolutionary climate projects that specialize in removing carbon from the atmosphere. We feel that by supporting projects like these, we are taking small steps towards a more sustainable future.

  • 4. Plant a Tree for Every Order

    Whilst the vast majority of the wood we use is reclaimed, we feel that it is our duty to make a positive green impact and help replenish the world’s natural resources! This is why for each order we receive, we pledge to make a donation – on your behalf – to plant a tree. This means that by simply placing an order with us, you are actively helping to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and contributing to making positive social impact around the world.