We are what we make

For us the journey is as important as the result. The best things in life take time to build and that philosophy is at the foundation of everything we do. From Slow design & meticulous craftsmanship to an unwavering ambition to lead the way in sustainability. We're united in our mission to create timeless contemporary piece's which tell a story and last a lifetime.

how we got here

June 2020: The Covid 19 pandemic.

A global lockdown doesn't sound like the ideal time to start a furniture business however founder Nick Fisher had other ideas.

After graduating from Industrial Design at Bournemouth University in 2011 Nick went straight into the fast-paced world of Commercial Interior Design, leaving evenings and weekends to tinker with his passion for furniture. Nick thought it would stay that way until the pandemic offered him a unique opportunity to explore his true passion.

People were spending an unhealthy amount of time in their homes under more stress than ever, so Nick designed a small range of furniture in his garden workshop that embodied his values of simple, sustainable living and utilised 100% green reclaimed wood - S&B was born!

With Still and Bloom growing rapidly in the first few months, Nick’s wife Frankie quickly jumped on board to help with marketing and social media. Brother-in-law and architecture graduate Jack rapidly followed suit as support in the design team. We also have Jon, Nick’s dad, who helps with local deliveries and maintenance.

We are a family business at our core and as we’ve grown we’ve carefully built a skilled team of friendly and caring individuals – our Still and Bloom extended family! You get out what you put in, and by having such a talented and attentive team we’re able to produce skillfully crafted unique pieces, each made with love, consideration and care.