Our Sustainability Special with the BBC

Every year on April the 22nd, Earth Day serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect and preserve the natural environment.

To raise awareness and recognise Earth Day this year we teamed up with the BBC as part of their Sustainability Special Show last week to chat about how we achieve a sub-zero carbon footprint and our unique sustainability initiatives!

So what are some of our sustainability initiatives?

  1. Materials - The majority of our materials are reclaimed, which are diverted from a waste source or incineration.
  2. Local Supply - By sourcing our wood from local suppliers we reduce the carbon emissions produced, improving our carbon footprint.
  3. Climate Conscious Design - We design each item to utilise as much of the raw material as possible. Any off-cuts and saw dust we do create are then re-routed back into our local community.
  4. Build to Last a Lifetime - By producing furniture that lasts we oppose the modern “throw-away” culture that has lead to an overuse of landfill.

How you're helping us save the planet just by placing an order...

Planting trees - For each and every order we receive we plant a tree.

So far this year we have been able to plant over 2500 trees, helping to combat deforestation around the world!

You can read more about our tree planting mission here and watch our forest grow, so far we are at...


Carbon-Neutral Delivery - We make a donation with every order to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions produced with each order.

Each donation funds innovative carbon removal projects that not only help solve current climate issues, but will continue to research and develop new methods of carbon removal for years to come.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability is at the core of everything that we do, but there is always more that can be done!

Starting with design all the way through to delivery, we pledge to continue searching for and implementing new ways of improving our practices and processes to reduce our environmental impact even further!

Good for the environment & good for the soul...

Not only is reclaimed wood great for the environment, it's full of historical features that help make each one of our pieces a true one-of-a- kind.

Our newest Barn Coffee Table showcases this perfectly. By utilising thick cuts of 100% reclaimed timber, each crack, knot and tool mark is celebrated.

Take a closer look here...