Imperfectly perfect

Working with reclaimed wood isn’t the easiest as by its very nature it isn’t perfect... however, for us, that’s the whole beauty of it.

Our wood is all hand-picked from local reclamation experts here on the South Coast, and is often from an old industrial background, meaning that each board is rich with its own history... and potential.

We work carefully to nurture the timber through the making and finishing process, ensuring we don’t strip away any of its innate character. We embrace and accentuate all of the unique and wonderful ‘imperfections’ in each plank as these are the exact features that make each and every product we sell a true one-of-a-kind piece made with consideration and care.

There are a vast array of characterful features within our reclaimed wood and we try our best to showcase as many of these as possible in our product listings - we can’t show everything though.

Rest assured that each item is thoroughly checked at each stage of development to ensure that there are no structural issues or damages.

If you have a questions about our reclaimed wood or a particular feature in your reclaimed wood item, please do get in touch.